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Maine's Confederate Stranger


Unknown Confederate soldier buried in Gray, Maine. Mistakenly sent to the parents of Lt. Charles H. Colley of the 10th Maine by mistake. A short time later the body of the body of Lt. Colley was located and sent as well to his parents. 

Not knowing what to do with the unidentified Confederate and the government distinctly not wanting him back, it was decided to bury the body in the little cemetery at Gray.

Later, a group of ladies of the town
Many of whom had by this time had lost husbands and sons in the war- took up a collection to mark the grave of the lonely soldier buried so far from home.

This simple granite stone stands today almost in the middle of this cemetery, inscribed simply,

"Stranger. A soldier of the late war, died 1862. Erected by the Ladies of Gray,"

When a formal Memorial Day was instituted , the women of Gray placed a Confederate flag on his grave. Members of the G.A.R. Continued placing a Confederate flag on the grave till it was taken over by the Sons.

From Proud of my Confederate Ancestor on Face Book