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Children of Civil War veterans

Iris Lee Gay Jordan, 92 (left), and Fred Upham, 93 (right)—two of the few remaining children of veterans of the Civil War—appear as they might have had they lived in the 1860s. The photographs are tintypes, made on a chemical-coated wet plate with a lens manufactured in 1862. 
By David A. Lande

November 10, 2014

How many people alive today can say that their father was a Civil War soldier who shook hands with Abraham Lincoln in the White House? Fred Upham can.

Despite sounding like a tall tale and a mathematical impossibility, it's documented truth. Fred's father, William,was a private in the Union Army's Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He was severely wounded at the First Battle of Bull Run, in 1861, and later personally appointed by President Lincoln to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Fred's in exclusive company—the dwindling group of children of soldiers who fought, North against South, 150 years ago.

Fewer than 35 of these remarkable offspring are now on the rolls of heritage groups that keep track of them. They're referred to as "real" sons and daughters and are given a place of honor at the ongoing events commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War.

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Tom Bruce, WWII veteran and son of Confederate cavalryman, dies at 88

Thomas Newton Bruce of Knoxville, a decorated World War II veteran and the son of a former Civil War soldier, died Saturday. He was 88.

Mr. Bruce was born in Morristown to a 77-year-old former Confederate cavalryman. Levi Bruce served with the 7th and later the 11th Virginia Cavalry through fighting in what is now West Virginia. Tom Bruce was just 6 when his father died in 1930.

“The only thing I can remember distinctly about my father is when he bought me a bicycle once,” Mr. Bruce told the News Sentinel in a 2010 interview. “My mother had his sword and a picture of Robert E. Lee he had framed, but she sold them one piece at a time for enough money to get by.”

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Arthur John, Real Son, dies at 106

54 VA Regt.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the world, lost its oldest living "Real Son" of a Confederate veteran yesterday with the death of Mr. Arthur John, 106 year old son of Joseph John, 1st Sergeant, Company "K", 54th Virginia Infantry Regiment.

Mr. John was a 'Life Member' and Historian of the 'William Kenyon Australasian Confederates', Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2160 in Australia. Sadly, after a long and eventful life, Arthur passed away peacefully in his sleep at 7.35 am Tuesday Australian time.

Mr. Arthur John was also an Australian WWII veteran in his own right, being a Major in the Australian Defence Force; in charge of the re-education of Japanese civilians in Japan, under General Douglass McArthur, after the wars end.