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Sherman's March: Was It a War Crime?


Presentation by Walter Hall at the George E. Dixon Camp 1962, March 1, 2012 Camp Meeting. Walter Hall discusses several war crime charges and specification brought against Sherman and contrast them against the laws of war. Camp members vote on each specification in this mock trial.

Jefferson Davis Final Home


Presentation by Commander Mark Morgan at the George E. Dixon Camp 1962, March 2, 2012 Camp Meeting. Mark discusses the final home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis located in Beauvior, Mississippi. He covers the purchasing of the home, it's history, the Davis family, and it's restoration as the result of Hurricane Katrina.

See: Louise Desporte

Black Confederate soldiers



Silas Chandler has become the focal point for the claim that thousands of Black Southerners fought for the Confederacy. Kevin Levin and Mira Chandler-Sampson, a descendant of Silas Chandler, were recently interviewed on the Voice of Russia. Myra's stories are a poingant reminder that history is, at its heart, always deeply personal. 

History or Internet myth?  Listen to the Voice of Russia interview and decide for yourself.
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