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The Average Redcoat


from Bantarlton on Tumblr

Meet Tommy Lobster. He is a private serving in His Majesty’s 23rd Regiment of Foot, currently fighting the colonial rebels in North Carolina. Tommy “took the King’s shilling” and joined the British Army at the age of 18. He grew up as a farm labourer in his native West Midlands, in England. A combination of monotonous hard work and a taste for adventure meant he was always looking to leave. The catalyst came when he ended up getting the farmer’s daughter pregnant. Sure of losing his job and being beaten to within an inch of his life, Tommy ran to the nearest town market and found the local recruiting party.

That was in 1774. He was been “with the colours” for 7 years. Indeed, the majority of his regiment have been serving for 5 or more years. Despite this, before they arrived in the colonies, only two men in Tommy’s company had fired a shot in anger - his captain and his sergeant, both of whom served in the Seven Years War as a junior lieutenant and private respectively. 

Since joining what they call “the American War,” Tommy and his comrades have seen enough fighting to last a lifetime. The 23rd has served in almost every major engagement in the past 5 years.

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