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Civil War Etiquette

Civil War Etiquette: Martine’s Handbook and Vulgarisms in Conversation- 
 ”Civil War Era Etiquette: Martine’s Handbook and Vulgarisms in Conversation,” originally published in 1866 as a man’s guide to gentlemanly behavior.

Imagine how shocked the author would be to hear the profane greetings, writing and language used today, every sentence from a young girl/guy laced with the “F” bomb. 

How far we’ve come? or have we?

“The true aim of politeness, is to make those with whom you associate as well satisfied with themselves as possible. …it does whatever it can to accommodate their feelings and wishes in social intercourse.”

Today we care little of what those around us think of us. We live in a mentality of “you don’t like what I have to say” “F” you.

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