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Civil War in the Trans Mississippi

More than 200,000 men were involved in the Civil War military efforts in the “Trans-Mississippi Theater,” an area that includes all the land between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean.

Consequently, some of your ancestors may have been involved in some of those battles and skirmishes.

The Springfield-Greene County Library District has embarked on an ambitious project to provide information via the Internet about the impact of the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi region.

Although most of the information and photographs are about events, places and people in Missouri, several of the topics also relate to surrounding states, such as Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma. The site is found at

Among the battles fought in the Trans-Mississippi area were the battles of Wilson’s Creek, Prairie Grove, Pea Ridge, Westport, Big Cabin and Lexington.

The exceptional site is well organized. Visitors can enter a keyword into a search box; browse the collections; or check the information by county, theme or battle.

From Frankie Meyer via Joplin Globe

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