Terms of surrender
Lincoln Tomb Observance 2015

The celebration

"Associated Press Report. REJOICING. NEW YORK, April 10. The announcement of Lee's surrender last night, created the greatest excitement in this city, and impromptu illumination of many private dwellings quickly followed; the streets were filled with people, hurrahing, singing and dancing with joy. We have to-day received dispatches from almost every city, village and hamlet in the country, showing that the same joy prevails throughout the land.

"CHICAGO, April 10. The stores, courts and public offices are nearly all closed to-day. Business is entirely suspended and the day given up to rejoicing over the news ... The enthusiasm to-night is at fever heat...

"CINCINNATI, April 10. By orders from the War Department two hundred guns were fired at noon today. The city is lively with excitement, and very little business is doing ...

"WASHINGTON, April 10. The Departments are all closed to-day, and everybody is keeping the holiday. Secretary Stanton expresses the opinion that there will be no more heavy fighting ...

"INDIANAPOLIS, April 10. A salute of 200 guns was fired here to-day. But little business has been done — the citizens generally celebrating the day.

"DETROIT, April 10. ... At 3 o'clock thousands of people assembled ... (and) sung the "Star Spangled Banner" and other patriotic airs ... The city is most brilliantly illuminated."

From the Associated Press and ABC News

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