The Exhumation Of Lincoln’s Body 1901
Waterloo teen seeks to honor Civil War vets

This week in the Civil War for January 15, 1865

News reports this week 150 years ago in the Civil War focused on reports that Gen. William T. Sherman's Union forces — after reaching Savannah, Georgia before Christmas 1864 — were now poised to enter South Carolina.

The Springfield Republican of Springfield, Mass., noted the speculation on Jan. 30, 1864, that a move was planned while other reports said Sherman's forces were still resting just outside the state. The Cleveland Leader, of Cleveland, Ohio, reported, meanwhile, of a "Great Panic in South Carolina." The Newark (N.J.) Daily Advertiser cited reports of residents of South Carolina fleeing in anticipation of Sherman's advance "accompanied by families, flocks, herds, cattle, servants." Other reports, this week in 1865, spoke of the retirement of the Confederate secretary of state, saying the Confederate government appeared to be disintegrating amid a settling gloom over war developments.

From ABC News and the Associated Press

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