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This week in the Civil War for September 21, 1864


Confederate forces recently defeated at the Third Battle of Winchester, Virginia, erected defensive works at Fisher's Hill in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia this week 150 years ago in the Civil War. And yet another battle was fought Sept. 21-22, 1864, with the Union taking the offensive against Southern cavalry before breaking through the surprised Southern infantry lines. Thus Confederate Jubal A. Early was forced to retreat with his troops further southward down the Shenandoah Valley. Meanwhile, the news of a Union victory at Winchester was embraced by Northerners.

The Associated Press reported on Sept. 20, 1864, that there was a raucous celebration among Union troops of the Army of the Potomac when they got word of developments in Winchester. Said AP: "The news of the victory in the Valley was read to the troops along the lines this afternoon, and was received with unbounded enthusiasm and repeated cheering. A salute of one hundred shotted guns will be fired tomorrow at daylight, in honor of the victory."

AP added that Confederate desertion appeared to be on the rise. It added that some Confederate deserters told had they had recently obtained fresh beef from captured herds. The report also said some rebel pickets close to Union forces were offering to trade their fresh beef for Union coffee and other supplies.

From Yahoo News and the Associated Press

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