August 1864
This week in the Civil War for August 3, 1864

TN man believes he has found unmarked Civil War graveyard

Civil War historian Dan Griggs

Reported by Dennis Ferrier

Dan Griggs is a Civil War historian and his Dover museum is full of amazing artifacts. But he may have made the discovery of a lifetime using a divining rod.

"You keep it loosely in your hand at all times, and once you cross undisturbed ground, it will automatically turn on its own," Griggs said.

Three weeks later, he has mapped out an incredible possible 3,536 graves.

"My findings would not stand up in court," he said.

Griggs, however, is not without credibility. He used his dowser to find the unmarked mass grave of 17 Confederate soldiers. There is now a monument for those soldiers in Dover.

These possible graves are under five different properties, including Darrell Watson's, who believes the state should immediately come in and investigate.

State archeologist Michael Moore said he is very interested in seeing what's in Dover, but the state doesn't have the time, money or resources to investigate something that has been discovered using divining rods.

"What we need is an archaeologist to verify what is here and then as far as a monument or whatever for these boys, I will try to raise the money to get them one," Griggs said.

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