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This week in the Civil War for August 24 1864

Confederates bent on control of the railroad supply line near Petersburg, Virginia, fought back against Union forces destroying tracks in the area 150 years ago in the Civil War. A Confederate force on Aug. 25, 1864, outgunned Union forces holding Ream's Station in Virginia, taking prisoners.

The hard fighting near Petersburg, Virginia, over a period of weeks would lead to thousands being wounded, killed or missing in action. The Associated Press reported on Aug. 24, 1864, that Union probing attempts north of Richmond, Virginia, had been called off at the heavily defended entrances to the Confederate capital. Instead, AP said, "nearly all the troops engaged in that movement have been withdrawn to reinforce the Federal lines in front of Petersburg." AP added that the huge Union force was now arrayed south of Petersburg, Virginia, and was attempting "to cut off Gen. (Robert E.) Lee's communications."

 From the Associated Press and ABC News.

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