Shelby Foote

This week in the Civil War for August 10, 1864

Union Admiral David Farragut sailed into Mobile Bay, Alabama, with his federal warships 150 years ago this August in the Civil War, defeating a Confederate force that included the ironclad CSS Tennessee. The seizure of the Southern port marked another victory in Abraham Lincoln's federal war effort. The Associated Press, in a dispatch dated Aug. 9, 1864, reports that the Confederates were not at all giving up their naval campaign, feverishly building new vessels for the fight. The AP dispatch said the rebels "are pushing another ram to completion and erecting forts at the mouth of the Roanoke" River in North Carolina. The report also said the rebels were intent on raising a sunken gunboat along the Southeast coast. Confederate forces at this point in the war are, meanwhile, bidding to stave off Union forces pressing toward Atlanta. The fall of Atlanta would be only weeks away. The fighting near Atlanta by forces of Union Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman attracts the attention of the North, with one newspaper reporting he ranks among the foremost military leaders of the war at this point 150 years ago in the conflict.

From Yahoo News and the Associated Press

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