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How The Confederate Flag Made Its Way To Okinawa

This week in the Civil War for May 18, 1864

May 4, 1864 - Overland Campaign-1
Photograph of Union Generals Winfield S. Hancock, Francis C. Barlow, David B. Birney, and John Gibbon, taken during the Overland Campaign.

With the bloodletting of hard combat at Spotsylvania Courthouse in Virginia now receding, Lieut. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant marched a considerable Union force to the North Anna River as he prepared to again confront Confederate forces led by Robert E. Lee. Grant's Overland Offensive was continuing, with both sides tracking each other in an area of rain-swollen rivers and streams north of Richmond, seat of the Confederacy. On May 23, 1864, fresh fighting erupted and raged for hours during the next two days at various locations. At every turn, Lee, sought to repel the shifting Union forces and vex Grant's bid for a quick victory.

From The Associated Press and Yahoo News

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