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This week in the Civil War for May 25, 1864

New Haven Arms Henry Lever-Action Rifle


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Rare Civil War Engraved and Documented U.S. Contract New Haven Arms Henry Lever-Action Rifle

This is an exceptional example of a historic Henry lever action rifle that was manufactured by the New Haven Arms Co., for the U.S. Ordnance Department in 1865. The Ordnance Department purchased a small number of Henry rifles from the New Haven Arms Co., to arm the U.S. Veteran Volunteer Infantry (VVI) regiment. Most of the identified Henry rifles are associated with the 3rd VVI Regiment. The 3rd VVI was one of nine Veteran Volunteer regiments recruited in early 1865 to serve as an elite corps of experienced infantry. The VVI regiments were armed with Sharps, Spencer and Henry rifles and VVI soldiers were allowed to retain their rifles on discharge. The 3rd VVI was organized in February 1865 at Camp Stoneman, District of Columbia, served in the Shenandoah Valley and Washington defenses and was discharged at Camp Butler, Illinois, in July 1866. The rifle is accompanied by a letter from the Springfield Research Service (SRS) which states that information in the National Archives shows this rifle, serial number 7,419, was issued to Pvt. Lewis Reibrecht, Co. B, 3rd VVI. The SRS letter states that Pvt. Reibrecht was born in Wurtemberg, Germany and was 25 when he enlisted in the 3rd VVI on March 29, 1865. His occupation was listed as an engraver. Pvt. Reibrecht was discharged at Madison, Wisconsin, on March 29, 1866.

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