This week in the Civil War for April 20, 1864
Buffalo Soldiers

A Confederate soldier's Easter

Easter dinner from USA and CSA soldiers.

April 20, 1862 USA
“This is Easter and a pretty day. We had 2 eggs a piece this morning” Alexander Gwin (Campbell, Joseph, Judy Gowen. Marching Orders: The Civil War Diary of Alexander)

April 5, 1863 CSA
“The snow is about seven or eight inches deep. I don’t think we will have a very gay Easter today, as game is skearce, and we can get no eggs.” Jer Coggin (Taylor, Michael. The Cry is War, War, War. Winston Salem: Morning Side Press)

March 27, 1864 USA
“The beautiful Easter Sunday finds us all O.K. for it is as pretty and warm day, but we have no eggs. We could have them at 40 cents per doz. but I guess we will do without this time- Daniel Chisholm (Menge, W. Springer Menge, J. August Shimrak. The Civil War Notebook of Daniel)

From: Civil War Talk

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