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Cw vivandierre sketch
Photo of Marie Tepe from Find A Grave site. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=6638370


Vivandiere is patterned after European practice, these women , usually soldier's wives or officers' daughters, were unofficially attached to a Regiment in the field to perform various camp and nursing duties. They were also known as daughters of a regiment and were found in both Confederate and Federal units. Typically, they served with regiments of immigrant soldiers and wore a stylized uniform patterned after that of the regiment, particularly Zouave units. Some were armed with swords, rifles, and revolvers, but very few followed their regiments into combat."

Federal vandieres included Susie Baker (33rd USCT), Sarah Beasley (1st Rhode Island), Kady Brownell (1st Rhode Island), Molly Divver (7th New York), Bridget Divers (1st Michigan Cavalry), Anna Etheridge (2nd, 3rd, and 5th Michigan), Hannah Ewbank (7th Wisconsin), Elizabeth Cain Finnan (81st Ohio), Augusta Foster (2nd Maine), Martha Francis(1st Rhode Island), Ella Gibson (49th Ohio), Virginia Hall (72nd Pennsylvania), Lizzie Clawson Jones (6th Massachusetts), Sarah Taylor (1st Tennessee U.S.), Mary Tepe (27thth and 114th Pennsylvania) and Eliz Wilson (5th Wisconsin).

The Southern ranks included Eliza "Lide" Carico (10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers), Lucy Ann Cox (13th Virginia), Lucina Horne (14th South Carolina), Jane Claudia Johnson (1st Maryland C.S.), Leona Neville (5th Louisiana), Mary Ann Perkins (Gardes Lafayette, Mobile, Alabama), Rose Rooney (15th Louisiana), Betsy Sullivan (1st Tennessee C.S.A.), and Lavinia Williams (1st Louisiana).

From: "Webb Garrison's Civil War Dictionary" by Webb Garrison, Sr. and Cheryl Garrison, Cumberland House, Nashville, Tennessee,2008, pages332-333.

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