This week in the Civil War for September 15, 1863
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How the Confederate flag was born

How a flag was born

Three Confederate flags
  • The first national flag of the Confederacy was the Stars and Bars (left) in 1861, but it caused confusion on the battlefield
  • "Everybody wants a new Confederate flag," wrote George Bagby, Southern Literary Messenger editor. "The present one is universally hated. It resembles the Yankee flag and that is enough to make it unutterably detestable."
  • Its replacement was nicknamed the Stainless Banner (centre) and it incorporated General Lee's battle flag, designed by William Porcher Mills
  • A third national flag, nicknamed the Bloodstained Banner (right) was adopted in 1865 but was not widely manufactured
  • After the war, the battle flag, not any of the national ones, lived on
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