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This week in the Civil War for August 11, 1863

Civil War Soldier’s Mess-Hardtack


Civil War Soldier’s Mess-Hardtack

How much delicious hard tack could you get in the Civil War? 

The Army doled it out by number, usually 9-10. Usually infested by weevils larva and grubs, they invented many ways to eat these “rocks”,  ”jawbreakers”, “worm castles”, "digestible leather", "angel cakes", "tooth dullers" and "ammo reserves". Ways to eat it? Carefully crumble it in your morning cup of Joe, or fry it in brown pork fat. ~S.Palmer@CivilWarParlor

First Known Use of Hardtack -1836

Photo Credit: National Museum of American History, Kenneth E. Behring Center. More info on Hardtack-~ John Davis Billings, Hardtack and coffee, or, The unwritten story of army life (1887)

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