A walk with death
Civil War veterans meet at Gettysburg, 1938

Preserving memories of Civil War Soldiers


St. Louis County (KSDK)--An estimated 180,000 African Americans fought in the Civil War, many of them newly freed slaves who literally fought for their freedom while in the military.

There is a local effort to properly recognize a group of Missouri Civil War soldiers.

The 56th Infantry Regiment, U-S Colored Troops was made up of Missouri slaves who enlisted to fight in the Civil War for the Union.

There will be a recognition and remembrance service next month at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery for the members of the 56th who are buried there.

The service will include a reading of the names of all 175 soldiers who died in the cholera epidemic of 1866.

That service takes place August 16th at 10:00 a.m. at Jefferson Barracks.

From: KSDK


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