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Nathan Bedford Forrest III

June 13, 1943 - 70 years ago, the great-grandson of the Confederate Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest; General Nathan Bedford Forrest III was killed in action when he went down with his B-17 over Germany. 

The general reportedly stayed behind the controls until the last of the crew was able to evacuate, but was not able to get out before the plane exploded. Sadly, all but one crew memberperished in the water before rescue. He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Forrest was the last of his particular family line & had no children. Sources list him as the first American General killed in action in the war in Europe. In the same bombing mission over Kiel, at least 22 American aircraft in the US 8th Air Force were brought down.

Photos - General Nathan Bedford Forrest III is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

From: Defending the Heritage

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