Smithton, Illinois Memorial Day 2013
This week in the Civil War for June 2, 1863

Memorial Day message ~ Capt. Frederick Dilg (US)

Antietamcem_12311_mdArt work by: ClipArt ETC

Jon Stacy, the Secretary/Historian for the Hecker Camp of the Sons of Union Veterans, recently found a Memorial Day address from May 1903 by Captain Frederick C. Dilg, Commander, GAR Post 682 in Mascoutah, IL. I want to share a part of the speech:

"So far behind us is the bitterness of that strife, that as Americans we admire the bravery of our then opponents.  It was a struggle between the bravest armies the world has ever seen, and after the war these great armies formed of citizen soldiery dissolved and returned to the pursuits of peace and reconstruction, with a determination to build up a government on just and humane principles that would ere long make this country the brightest star of all nations.  That prophecy we can today say with national pride, has been verified.

Today we are in the forefront of the world, our flag on land and sea is recognized and respected before empires and monarchies.  We are in the vanguard of humanity carrying God’s trust to all ends of the world."
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