This week in the Civil War for May 19 1863
In 1863, prominent pro-Southerners are banished from St. Louis

Captured Flag

Confederate flag captured by the 4th Minnesota at the Battle of Jackson, Mississippi.

A newspaper correspondent says: “Captain L. B. Martin, of the 4th Minnesota, A. A. G. to Colonel Sanborn, seized the flag of the 59th Indiana Infantry, rode rapidly beyond the skirmishers (Company H of 4th Minnesota, Lieutenant George A. Clark), and raised it over the dome of the capitol. Lieutenant Donaldson of the 4th, also riding in advance, captured a flag made of silk; on one side was inscribed ‘Claiborne Rangers,’ and on the other ‘Our Rights.’ – Concise History of the State of Minnesota

Minnesota Historical Society image.

From Daily Observations of the Civil War
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