N.C. Teacher Helps Fifth-Graders Make History (Civil War History)
The man who shot John Wilkes Booth

James Tanner

James Tanner, Circa 1866 Collection of Michael Robert Patterso

A Famous Figure Lost to History- James Tanner, Army Stenographer was an amputee who lost both legs in Battle of Second Bull Run (Manassas)

Without This Man We Would Have No Comprehensive Record of the Night Lincoln Was Assassinated.

Tanner studied stenography and worked at the War Department in Washington. On the evening of April 14, 1865 he hurried to Ford’s Theater on hearing that President Lincoln had been shot. He remained there throughout the night with Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and took a complete shorthand notes as the search for the assassin was planned and carried out. His record of events that evening at the Peterson House (across from the theater) remain the most comprehensive record of the events that followed the President’s shooting. He later founded a Veteran’s organization and spoke at the dedication of the Confederate Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.

James Tanner died at Washington, D.C. on October 2, 1927 and was buried in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery.

From the Civil War Parlor

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