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Col. John Mosby and General Grant after the war

Antonia Ford ~ A Female Aide-De-Camp.

A Female Aide-De-Camp

The Baltimore Clipper says Antonia J. Ford was the principal spy and guide for Captain Mosby in his recent raid on Fairfax Court House and aided in planning the arrest of General Slaughter, Wyndham and others. She was arrested and brought to the old Capitol Prison on Sunday last, with $1,000 Confederate money on her person. The following is a copy of her commission:

To all whom it may concern: know ye that, reposing special confidence in the patriotism, fidelity and ability of Antonia J. Ford, I, J.E.B. Stuart, by virtue of the power vested in me a Brigadier General, Provisional Army Confederate States,hereby appoint and commission's her my Honorable Aide de Camp, to rank as such from this date. She will be obeyed, respected and admired by all lovers of a noble nature.
Given under my hand and seal, Headquarters Cavalry Brigade, at Camp Beverly, 7th October, 1861 and first year of our Independence.
By the General:

Southern Confederacy, Apr. 2, 1863 -- page 2
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