Susie King Taylor
Cairo, Illinois, February 16, 1863

Rare KIA Union Frock Coat


Rare KIA Union Frock Coat - Original 1862 issue infantry enlisted frock coat of Pvt. Wilfred Barker, Company G, 18th New Hampshire Infantry who died in action in an assault on Fort Stedman on April 2, 1865, before Petersburg, Virginia.

This frock, complete with original New Hampshire buttons, is a prime example of a state issued frock and is incredibly rare — very few exist even in museum collections. The coat is faded from age and has numerous areas of insect damage from the traces of blood on it…the vermin tend to attack those spots first. This coat is well documented and surfaced at an auction in New Hampshire about a decade ago and is accompanied by an original copy of the unit regimental history.

From The Civil War Parlor
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