Remains of Monitor Sailors to be interred at Arlington National Cemetery
Susie King Taylor

Josephine Joey+Rory


"One of Rory's favorite songs on the new record is the opening tune, "Josephine," which was inspired by letters written by a Civil War soldier. "When we bought our farm house in 1999, I joined the historic society in our community," Rory says, "and one of the things I got to read were letters J.W. Robinson had written to his wife, Josephine."

Rory was extremely moved by the raw emotion in the letters. "He was missing his wife," Rory says. "The grammar was terrible and his spelling was terrible, but the way that he spoke to his wife and the way that he talked was so much more beautiful than any of it today.

He always ended every letter with something like, 'your loving husband while I remain among the living.' I just started writing and the whole song happened. A lot of it was straight out of the letters ...

As the story went on and he ended up saying, 'If I get killed, don't grieve me too long. Marry someone else and don't let him treat our baby bad. When you are making love to him, think of me' and it just killed me. It still kills me today. So when Joey wanted to record that on the album, I was thrilled to put a song like that on our record with hopes that people might hear it.""

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