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Three Sons of West Virginia Civil War Soldier Still Survive Today

Three Sons of West Virginia Civil War Soldier Still Survive Today 2012

As unlikely as that seems, the three are among 36 known sons and daughters of Civil War soldiers who are still alive. On the Confederate side of things,( as of 2011 ) the United Daughters of the Confederacy and Sons of Confederate Veterans knew of about 40 living sons and daughters of Confederate veterans. Three individuals recently passed away.

Three sons of a Civil War soldier, Charles Parker Pool, who served in Company D of the 6th West Virginia Infantry during the Civil War are still alive today and living in Missouri.

Ernest (1918), William (1925) and Garland Pool (1927) are the three survivors of their father who was a Ritchie County, West Virginia native. They are the sons of Charles and Clara Pool. Clara, Charlie’s third wife, was 27 when she married her husband in 1915. Charles was 71 at the time.

Pool enlisted in the 6th West Virginia Infantry, a regiment that served as guards along the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad through their entire duty.

Charles was wounded in the left leg during the war. His leg was amputated above the knee. He reportedly never spoke of his Civil War Service. He died in 1933 at age 89. The boys’ mother died in 1990.

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