Three Sons of West Virginia Civil War Soldier Still Survive Today
This week in the Civil War for January 20, 1863

The flag above my house

The Flag Above my House.

Above the farm house,on the post of the shelter, where I "parked" my chuckwagon I have a flag. A rebel flag.

The 3rd flag of the Confederacy. The first that I had flying was the Naval confederate flag, but the last storm took that one.

Now where we live, this flag is no sign of racism or hatred, actualy like in the Old days! For me it's the flag that reminds me of my hobby as a re-enactor of the Civil War and the Old West. The people that pass by our house probably think I'm a trucker and love country music.

It's interesting how many "Rebel" flags you see on Western Weekends, Dutch and German Western theme parks. And still, none of them has anything to do with hate or racism.

For Europeans it mostly "the Other American Flag". For history buffs like me it is a bit more......

O, and I'm not a trucker, Im a sign maker, but I love American Country music!!

Alphons Schoots
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