This week in the Civil War for December 30, 1862
This week in the Civil War for January 6, 1863

The pipe

The Pipe

My brother in law cleans up old houses, left by people that died and have no family.
In one of them he found some shoemaker stuff. And he knows I do some leather making. So the box ended up in my shed.This autumn I had to get some paint and the box fell,revealing some interesting things.

First I
 found a wooden kepi that looked a little "civil war-ish" to me. A mouthpiece and a wooden face followed in this treasure search. I cleaned  it and it all fitted together. The next step was of course  to "google" my find!! Came out it was a" Civil War soldier carved briar tobacco pipe, 19th c., with porcelain eyes and hinged kepi lid. "

I don't smoke,but if I would I could see the smoke through the nose of this wooden soldier. Asked my brother in law what he knew of the house, and he told me that in the second world war it was a house where they treated wounded American soldiers.

So let your fantasies roll free I guess...

But to me the pipe is a treasure to show off with, on re-enactment camps for years to come!

Alphons Schoots
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