This week in the Civil War - August 12, 1862
Cap 'n' Ball Revolver Safety Demonstration

Alexander Cherry, Co. K, 37th Kentucky Infantry


A visitor to my site asked if I could locate some information on one of his Union Soldier ancestors. 

Alexander Cherry was born about 1830 in Jackson County Tennessee.

He joined the 37th Kentucky Infantry (Mounted) on November 1, 1863 in Glasgow, Kentucky. He was a private for the duration of his service.

He died of Small Pox on January 30, 1865, in a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Death from disease was more common from death in combat. Totals for Union Solders during the war are:

Battle deaths:


Disease, etc.:




PBS will air a new documentary by Ric Burns, Death in the Civil War on September 18, 2012

The Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois currently has new exhibit, To Kill and to Heal, Weapons and Medicne of the Civil War

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