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Illinois Answers the Call: Boys in Blue - part 2


Boys in Blue–Part II continues to tell the story of Illinois soldiers in the Civil War using the Library’s extensive collections of Civil War photographs, letters, books, newspapers, and artifacts.

Part I of Boys in Blue, which opened in April 2011, highlighted the early recruitment of ordinary soldiers in Illinois Cavalry regiments 1 through 17 and Infantry regiments 7 through 55.   Part II highlights stories of soldiers in Regiments 56 to 156, chaplains, and life on the Illinois homefront.

The new exhibit also encourages viewers to consider the following questions:  Why were they fighting this war?  Was it for the abolition or continuation of slavery? The preservation of states’ rights or preservation of the Union?

The Battle of Corinth (October 3–4, 1862), in which more than a dozen Illinois regiments participated, will be highlighted.  A tattered 34-star U.S. flag from the battle will be prominently displayed. 

At times, volunteers in period uniform and costume will be on hand to interact with exhibit-goers.

Exhibit viewing Monday through Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m

The exhibit will close in December 2012.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

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