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Lincoln Presidential Library Decides To No Longer Sell John Wilkes Booth Bobble Head Doll. Good Move or Denial of History?


The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield Illinois announces it will no longer be selling The John Wilkes Booth bobble head dolls according to Museum spokesperson Dave Blanchette.

The decision came after the Gettysburg National Military Park pulled the dolls from its stores earlier this week. 

Blanchette told the Chicago Tribune that even though the museum’s administrators had not received any complaints about the dolls that they agreed that they were in bad taste and not appropriate for sale. He went on to say that they took a hard look at having these items for sale. The dolls with Booth holding a handgun were removed from the Shelves of the Gettysburg shop on Saturday. 

The Booth Dolls, Which are about 7 inches tall and are packaged in boxes that look like the inside of the theater which Lincoln was killed in. The Dolls were sold online for $20.00 each. The Doll is oddly popular having already sold 150 of the 250 that had been made. According to Sales Manger or BobbleHead LLC Matt Powers more of the doll will be made at the Kansas City, Mo. Plant. The company sells dolls of many controversial figures, for example Kim Jong-il Powers went on to say “There’s a market out there, We like to let the customer decide if it’s a good item or not.”

From: Sodahead

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