This week in the Civil War - February 26, 1862
Confederate Admiral's Uniform

Why Doesn't Anyone Think It's Cool to Dress Up Like a Confederate Soldier Anymore?


KEVIN M. LEVIN - Kevin M. Levin is a Civil War historian and history educator based in Boston.  He is the author of the forthcoming book Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder and can be found online at Civil War Memory. Read the full article at The Atlantic

"Making the Civil War relevant today is a formidable task, given how much our technology and values keep us focused on the triviality of the present. But what all institutions focused on the Civil War ear all have in common is a belief that history matters. Their members and patrons manifest a belief at one level or another that we are compelled to remember the past and place our own lives within a broader narrative. And in doing so, they believe that our lives and those of our communities are greatly enriched.

No, rethinking the Civil War for a new generation won't be easy. But as we all know, it will be worth the effort."

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