Civil War Confederate shrine at Cape Girardeau courthouse vandalized
Fremont man explores link to Civil War ancestor

Vandals Represent P.C. Double Standard


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011
User-submitted story by Clint E. Lacy

 The Tuesady, October 11, 2011 Southeast Missourian at the following URL

carried a story about Cape Girardeau's Confederate monument being vandalized. In it Scott House stated, "The war has been over for almost 150 years. People should get over their hate issues on whatever side they have. It's hard to tell why somebody would do something like that."

Mr. House and I happen to be in disagreement on many issues concerning the Civil War, this might just be the one thing he and I agree on.

The article also quoted Cape Girardeau County public works director Don McQuay who stated, "I don't understand why somebody would want to tear up public property. It's their property. They're destroying their own property."

This seemingly isolated incident is one of many that is occuring throughout the South. The South has been villainized by both "Leftist" such as Al Sharpton who traveled to Memphis in 2005 to call for the removal of General Nathan Bedford Forrest's tomb, as well as those on "The Right" such as radio personalities Mark Levin and Sean Hannity who never pass up a chance to take jabs at the Democratic Party for its Southern roots and its association with, as Hannity likes to say "That Flag".

In February, 2005 I attempted to get approval to erect a Missouri Battle Flag at the gravesite of Colonel William Jeffers in Jackson, (who for the record formed a militia after the war to fight the Klan in Missouri's bootheel).

Initially it was looked upon favorably until a leftst organization tried to label me as a terrorist, at which time Jackson's City Government ( along with its two "veterans groups" the VFW and the American Legion) folded like a deck of cards.

The Confederate Flag, the monuments and all thigs that simply try to honor the Confederate soldier have been maligned.However, from the turn of the century, through the 1930's the American Flag was the flag of choice for hate groups. It would be ignorant to malign a history of a nation and its symbols because a few select groups chose to hi-jack them but that is what has and is continuing to happen, and it is a shame because from 1861-1865 the Confederacy was a nation.

Political Correctness has run amock. It has infiltrated our schools and our communities, resulting in the "dumbing down" of our students, our citizens, our family, friends and neighbors and the end result is ignorance, the latest display of which happens to be the vandalizing of a monument to soldiers from Cape Girardeau County and Southeast Missouri who gave their lives for their homes, their families , their ideals and their country.

Clint E. Lacy is the Press Officer for the Colonel John T. Coffee Camp #1934, Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans.


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