Rebel flag still flying in black SC neighborhood
The Battle of Perryville

Re-enactor retires after 20 years

Susan Meeker/Tri-County Newspapers
A fight between two Confederate and two Union soldiers following a friendly poker game led to a skirmish that left most of the 72nd New York Infantry “dead” or “dying” on a field during Colusa Civil War Days on Saturday.

Tuesday, Sep 27 2011, 5:05 pm

By Susan Meeker/Tri-County Newspapers

After 20 years re-enacting the drama of the American Civil War, Rosario Roberts of Los Molinos is giving up salt pork and hardtack.

His organization, Re-enactors of the American Civil War, has been recreating Civil War battles, as well as camp and civilian life from that time period since 1991.

The organization finds re-enacting the Civil War gives the public a unique glimpse into the past.

"It's time to retire," said Roberts, after one of four battles between Confederate and Union troops at the Colusa County Fairgrounds this past weekend. "I really loved doing this. Re-enacting the Civil War makes history come to life."

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