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Civil War News (1962) Trading Card Set

Civil War News
5¢ Wax Pack

Civil War News is a 1962 collector card series from Topps, containing hand-painted scenes of different battles and historical events of the American Civil War. Each card depicted graphic, bloody and extremely realistic images painted by famous pulp artist Norm Saunders. The front of each card has a caption in a white box set inside the picture area. The backs are gray with a red-brown border; the card number is located on the border at the bottom corner at the right-hand side. Inside each wax pack was a folded facsimile banknote, for a total of seventeen different bills.

Civil War bubblegum cards (that's what the set was actually called) became known by collectors as The Civil War News. This was the result of the card backs, which chronicled each civil war event via a newspaper journal format, using a generic banner called CIVIL WAR NEWS. It was never meant to be the name of the card series, but collectors have certainly picked up on that.

Title: Civil War
Type: Cards sold via 5¢ wax packs
Design: Color hand-painted images
Verso: Gray with a red-brown border
Genre: Historical
Producer: Topps
Year released: 1962
Cards in set: 88
Wrapper produced: Yes
Chase Items: 17 Confederate banknotes

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