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A Striking Image: Civil War Monument Hit by Lightning

The force of the blast knocked the pedestal out from under the statue and took off his head.

By Lynn Jusinski

The head is completely missing, and part of the pedestal was knocked off onto the ground. Credit: Courtesy of Jack Ertell

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A statue that's been a part of Phoenixville since the 1870s is now heavily damaged following an apparent lightning strike.

The Civil War memorial, located in Morris Cemetery, was likely hit by lightning early Wednesday morning. Jack Ertell, of The Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area, was out snapping photos of the crumbled statue Thursday afternoon.

"This is a real shame," Ertell said. "This is a historical treasure in Phoenixville."

The blast appeared to have completely disintegrated the head of the soldier perched atop the statue. Bits of the statue were spread all around on the ground. The force of the strike knocked part of the pedestal out from under the soldier, sending it careening to the ground, where it created a crater in the muddy soil.

The soldier is still perched precariously atop the statue, and his legs are still attached to the base, though not to his body. Flip through the photo gallery above to get a look at how the statue looked before.

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