Gimme Back My Bullets

Y'all check out this Lynyrd Skynryd tour poster from 1976. Back when Ronnie Van Zant & Steve Gains were still alive and political correctness had not reared its ugly head in the US to begin to eradicate all things Southern.

Longstreet and Wheeler

In 1902, General Longstreet visited West Point and saw former Confederate General Joe Wheeler, dressed in his blue Spanish-American War uniform. Longstreet said, "Joe, I hope that Almighty God takes me before he does you, for I want to be within the gates of hell to hear Jubal Early cuss you in the blue uniform."

From the Longstreet Society

Confederate Prisoners, Chattanooga, Tenn. 1864


2.5D rendering of a photo of Confederate prisoners. Amazing the amount of detail that 'pops' out to the picture by using this technique. As this photograph was taken, some of the Confederate prisoners were standing at the railroad depot awaiting transportation to the prisons in the North. There such bodies were usually guarded by partially disable soldiers organized as the Veteran Reserve Corps. They had more to eat than the Norther prisoner in the South, yet often less than the among to which they were entitled by the army regulations. In the South, during the last years of the war, prisoners almost starved, while their guard dared little better. With all the resources of the North, Confederate prisoners often wen hungry, because of the difficulty of organizing such a tremendous task and finding suitable officers to take charge.”

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Message to the blackpowder shooters of the EU about legal status of muzzle loaders


How do you say “feel-good gun control” err we mean “common sense gun safety proposal” in Dutch? The video from Capandball, a Hungarian black powder shooter and Vlogger, talks about the folly of regulating smoke poles due to terrorists.

Besides further changes in magazine limits, requirements to join shooting clubs and restrictions on blank firing guns, some in the European Union want to lower the boom on replicas and black powder as well.

The Dutch Presidency, a 20 member assembly from the Netherlands that currently chair the EU ministerial councils, moved earlier this month to drastically change the alliance’s Firearms Directive in response to terrorist incidents in Europe including attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Among the changes would be to deactivate historical guns held in museums across Europe, ban the production of replica firearms to include reproductions of antique weapons, remove the entire class of Category D guns which includes most muzzleloaders, move single-shot long breechloaders with smoothbore barrels to a higher level of control, and other efforts.

The European Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation (FACE), the EUs most outspoken gun rights group, called the move draconian.

“Who will believe that the removal of the Category D and the prohibition of reproductions of antique firearms will effectively contribute to the fight against organized crime and terrorism?” reads a statement from the group. “No report highlighted that reproduction of antique  firearms constitute a danger for security and society. Criminals using Kalashnikovs and arms dealers who supply terrorists on the black market will not be affected by these new  constraints which exclusively hit honest citizens, legal owners of single-shot reproductions of antique firearms.”

As noted by the Prague Daily Monitor, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka joined representatives from Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Switzerland in opposing the changes.

“The Czech Republic is very likely to express its negative position at the meeting of the council [for justice and home affairs] on June 10,” Sobotka said.

Besides the Dutch, the changes are supported by Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.


Confederate prisoners at Chattanooga

Confederate Prisoners after Battle of Chattanooga, September-November 1863.

It is recorded by Shelby Foote and others in books, diaries and periodicals of the time, when Confederates were captured and asked why they were fighting their unequivocal answer every single time was, "Because YOU'RE here." 

You have NO reason to be ashamed of your Confederate ancestors. They fought because the South was INVADED. Period.